4 Practical Reasons Why Classic Car Value Should Be Determined by an Expert

classic car value

It’s no secret that assets can fluctuate in value. Just as that’s true with the holdings found in your stock portfolio, it applies to any classic automobile that you currently own or are interested in purchase. While is it important for a professional to determine the classic car value relevant to that vehicle? Here are some of the reasons why you do want to only get answers from a certified expert.

Aware of the Popularity of the Make and Model

A professional who regularly provides inspections and appraisals of classic cars will stay up to date on how popular that make and model is in the current market. There may be a number of enthusiasts who are interested in this type of vehicle, and are actively looking for one to buy. If you happen to be a seller, that’s great news.

Keep in mind that an appraisal done a few years ago may or may not have much bearing on the vehicle’s popularity today. Many things can happen over time that lead to a loss of interest and the ensuring loss of value. Your best bet is to find someone to conduct a contemporary appraisal and find out what the car is worth today.

The Current State of Supply Versus Demand

Popularity is something the expert will know about and be able to verify, but there’s more to consider. One has to do with the current supply of vehicles of the same make and model. If there are plenty of them to be had, then it’s currently more of a buyer’s market. You may find the vehicle is easy to sell, but getting a higher price may not be possible.

At the same time, finding that there are far more potential buyers than there are vehicles can mean it’s a seller’s market right now. The demand may drive the asking price upward. If you’re looking to buy, expect to pay more now. With a little luck, supply will remain low while demand continues to increase. That will help the market value increase in the years to come.

Evaluating the Mileage and General Condition

As with any automobile appraisal, there are some basics that apply. One of them happens to be the amount of mileage on the engine. There’s also how well the car is maintained. Assuming the mileage is in line with the age and the car is in good shape, you can reasonably expect it to be worth more on the market.

All this applies when determining the classic car value. You may have a vehicle that is high in demand, but if it is in poor condition or the engine has an unreasonable amount of miles on it, the outlook for increasing the value is dim.

Along with the Features and Trim Package

With classic cars, features can make a difference. If the features are original and in high demand, then the car is likely to be appraised for a greater amount. The same is true if the trim package is an original and happens to be popular.

A professional can spot original features and trim with ease. While some of the higher quality reproductions may fool the casual observer, an expert will recognize them for what they are with no problem. If you want to know what’s original and what was made by a third party, take the vehicle to an appraiser.

Classic cars can be excellent investments. Just make sure you know what you’re getting for the money. With help from the right appraiser, there will be no unpleasant surprises later on.