4 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Skip The Used Car Pre Purchase Inspection

used car pre purchase inspection

You’re in the market for a good quality used vehicle. Instead of settling for the first one that you drive and happen to like, consider the idea of arranging for a used car pre purchase inspection first. Here are some reasons why this is a step that you don’t want to skip.

There May Be Things You Can’t See

You’ve done a good job of checking out the car. The test drive told you a lot, as did the tread on the tires, the sound of the engine, and the condition of the tail pipe. Still, there may be things about the vehicle that are less apparent to your untrained eye.

An inspection is likely to reveal if there are other points you should consider before making the purchase. What you learn may not be enough to quell the purchase, but it may allow you to proceed with a more informed view of the vehicle. That’s important, since you want to get several years of use from the car.

Providing a Negotiating Tool

Part of the inspection process involves supplying you with an idea of what the car is worth in today’s market. That alone makes it worth the time and the effort. Thanks to the results, you can determine if the seller is asking a reasonable price, or if it’s more than the car is worth.

Armed with the inspection results, you now have a solid negotiating tool in your hands. Assuming the seller is open to the idea, you may be able to discuss the price and arrive at one that both of you can live with. If the seller won’t budge on the price, then you can decide whether to pay it or look for something else.

Better Idea of What the Car Will Need in The Short Term

The results from the used car pre purchase inspection will help you have an idea of what the car will need in the short term. Perhaps all it will really need is continuing the routine maintenance. It could be that you will need to invest in a new set of tires in about a year. There may be some signs that minor engine work will be needed in the next several months. You can take all of this into consideration before you buy the vehicle. Based on the purchase price and the estimated costs of any repairs or replacements you will need to manage during the first year or so, the car could still be a great choice.

And What Auto Insurance Will Cost

You can use the information obtained from the inspection to get an idea of what adequate auto insurance will cost. This is good to know before you buy the used vehicle, especially if it’s a type that you have never owned in the past. Depending on how the insurance provider classes the car, the cost may be more than you think.

By knowing this in advance, you can decide if the car is still the one that you want. If so, go ahead and use what you know to look for the most competitive insurance rates. Should you think that fitting the insurance cost into the budget will be difficult, you may want to look at another car what is classed differently.

There’s plenty you can learn from a car inspection. Don’t buy anything until you have this type of evaluation. Doing so could save money, time, and a lot of frustration.