All You Need to Know Regarding Anchor Text SEO

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Anchor text is text that is visible and clickable in a hyperlink. This is generally blue in color and is underlined. The link should be relevant to the page that we are linking it to. The color of the text can be changed and the underline can be done through the HTML code or CSS. Digital Marketing Agency in New Jersey helps the user in the search engine to provide relevant information about the content. One must make sure that the anchor text is helpful, brief, and relevant.

How To Optimize Anchor Text For Seo?

There are certain ways to optimize the anchor text. They are –

  • Relevant anchor words– Google can understand the website structure using the relevant anchor text. The page can get a higher rank by this. When the relevant anchor text is used the users get attracted and have more chances they will click on the link. Choose the words that appear more natural to the user.
  • No over-optimization of the anchor text– There are no proper guidelines for the length of the anchor text. It is good to keep it as simple as possible. Five words or less is sufficient for the anchor text. If we use more than these words, google can negatively impact this. Using the best descriptive way is recommended so the user will click on it after landing on this page.
  • Pay attention to matching the text – The surrounding text to the anchor text helps the user to understand the link. This anchor text should be in natural language because search engines are based on how users talk and type. Generally, users don’t just click on the anchor text, it reads the whole sentence that surrounds it and then clicks it.
  • Don’t trick the users – Don’t try to trick the users with the link you are sharing. For example, if you are posting a link for the banana tree, then don’t post a link related to the building’s dealership.
  • Make sure that the link is clickable– This is very important. Changing the color of the link and underlining the link can be the ways by which it can be visible in the eyes of the users.
  • Quotes for the entire keyphrase –When you write a phrase that is in the link also, it will give an error. It is better to write the full key phrase in quotes. This helps to avoid the red bullet for the key phrase.

Anchor text is an excellent tool. It helps the business improve the Search Engine Optimization of the web pages. The link label indicates the link page that they decide to click on.   When the anchor text is used correctly it will improve the website ranking and visibility.

Otherwise, it may cost website visitors if the referred content is not relevant. Careful use of the anchor text helps in building the brand. Over-optimizing the anchor text can give you penalties from google. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult with an SEO provider like White Label SEO Agency to assure that the anchor is useful. This is an essential part of every successful SEO strategy.