Common Shipping Problems Businesses Face

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Shipping problems are a common headache for businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s lost or damaged packages, poor customer service, or late deliveries due to weather conditions—you’ve seen them all. And this article will help hundreds of companies solve these problems and scale their ecommerce operations by implementing better shipping processes and technology.

Lost or Damaged Packages

There are a number of reasons why a package could be lost or damaged. One common cause is incorrect postage. If your business uses the wrong shipping class, your packages may get misrouted or lost in transit. In order to avoid this problem, make sure you use the right freight class for each delivery and keep track of any changes to your service level agreement (SLA).

Another possibility is that something happened during transit to cause damage or loss. A good way to approach this issue is by keeping an eye on any potential issues with your carrier and taking steps toward resolving them early on, so they don’t escalate into bigger problems.

Poor Customer Service

Customer service is vital to the shipping process. The best customer service will ensure your customers are satisfied with their purchases and will encourage them to come back for more. Customers want their issues resolved quickly, so they may choose another seller who provides better support if you have poor customer service.

Inadequate Packaging

Inadequate packaging can lead to a number of problems for your business. For example, if an item arrives damaged due to insufficient packaging, you will have to pay for the return shipping and may lose customers. Also, suppose the customer is not satisfied with their experience with your company because of inadequate packaging. In that case, they will tell their friends about it and may never order from you again.

A great way to avoid these issues is by ensuring that all of your packages are adequately packaged when they are sent out into the world.

According to freight experts like Flock Freight, “Freight goes through various checkpoints and distribution facilities before it reaches its final destination, and a properly packed shipment generally shouldn’t run into any problems.”

Inadequate Tracking System

Being able to track your package is important to both your customers and your business. For example, if you’re a retailer, tracking systems can show customers exactly where their order is in the process, which will boost customer satisfaction. For sellers, it’s also an incredibly useful tool that helps you understand how long your products take to reach their final destination.

Late Deliveries Due to Weather Conditions

When you’re a business, you want to ensure your customers receive their packages on time. So when bad weather comes around, it can be frustrating if your packages are delayed or damaged.

If you know that severe weather is on the way, cancel any deliveries that day. This will give your drivers another day off and avoid any potential damage to products during shipping. If you can’t keep deliveries from happening at all, then ask delivery companies what they have planned for severe weather so that you have an idea of what might happen to your shipments if they do get stuck outside while waiting for safe passage through dangerous road conditions or heavy snowfall.

With all the problems you can face when shipping, it’s important to make sure that your business is prepared for any eventuality. You can handle losing money on shipments or dealing with unhappy customers.