Most inexpensive Blue World City Block Details


Before investing, people need to be fully aware of Blue World City block details, payment details, offered facilities, the right modes to connect with the realtors & much more. In addition, the investors take a keen interest in knowing what amenities & how secure their future home will be. Whether it is the trust in the developers, an easy & seamless payment plan, the effortless master plan or more, the prior satisfaction is of utter importance. On the topic of Blue World payment plan & its affordability, Blue World City has ticked all the needed boxes.

From offering a range of blocks, multiple plot sizes & more, there are many options for investors. And that too as per their financial feasibility. It’s like dreaming about a house & getting to see it as a reality in no time because of the affordability. Well, Blue World city does it the best.

Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad is a housing society, the most promising, impeccable & magnificent in the Twin cities. Moreover, Blue Group of Companies is the firm which initiated & developed the society, giving investors the most primary locations, the standing-out amenities & most importantly, a secure & affordable future, in true & literal terms. Furthermore, Blue World City is also making the long-seen dream a reality.

The major concern before investing is whether the ideal will be affordable because society in Pakistan rarely offers an impeccable & magnificent lifestyle in the affordable price range. Therefore, multiple Blue World City block options are massive proof of how the developers will cater to all kinds of investors as per their financial feasibility. In addition, Blue World City is initiated, executed & now helmed by not only a locally but globally acknowledged name in Pakistan’s real estate industry, Blue Group of Companies. A most deserving, reliable & trusted name with a lot of experience, successful housing ventures & a sea of services to offer.

Payment Plan

There is a plethora of factors setting Blue World City apart from other societies in comparison. The aspect of an incredibly affordable & feasible payment plan is just the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, investors are in for a great treat because most Blue World City block options are inexpensive. Moreover, the idea to have a range of property types & then various plot sizes is to cater to every kind of potential investor.

Here is the payment plan for major Blue World City blocks, farmhouses & complexes, giving away the comfort of choosing the most inexpensive from a whole lot;

Sports Valley

  • 5 Marla costs 2,000,000, with a monthly installment plan of 23,750.
  • 8 Marla, however, is for 3,080,000 with an installment plan of 36,575.
  • 10 Marla costs 3,750,000 in total, with a monthly installment plan of 44,531.
  • 1 Kanal, however, is for 7,000,000 with an installment plan of 83,125.

Overseas Block

  • The total price for 7 marla is 1,925,000, and 19,250 as the monthly installment.
  • The total price for 10 Marla costs 2,680,000, with a monthly installment plan of 26,800.
  • The total price for 14 Marla costs 3,650,000, with a monthly installment plan of 36,500.
  • The total price for 1 Kanal costs 4,800,000 with a monthly installment plan of 48,000.
  • The total price for 2 Kanal costs 7,700,000 with a monthly installment plan of 77,000.

General Block

  • The price for 5 Marla is 1,290,000, along with 11,900 as the monthly installment.
  • The price for 8 Marla costs 1,726,000, with a monthly installment plan of 15,300.
  • The price for 10 Marla is 2,152,000 and 18,300 as the monthly installment.
  • The price for 1 Kanal costs 3,630,000 in total, with a monthly installment plan of 34,300.
  • The 2 Kanal final cost is 7,140,000, along with 66,200 as the monthly installment.

 Awami Residential Complex

  • The total price for 3 Marla is 690,000. The monthly installment, however, is 6,900.
  • The price for 4.5 Marla is 975,000, and 9,750 is the monthly installment.

Waterfront Block

The price for 6 Marla is 1,750,000, and 17,500 is the monthly installment.

  • 12 Marla costs 3,150,000, with a monthly installment plan of 15,300.
  • The price for 18 Marla is 4,200,000, along with 42,000 as the monthly installment.

Harley Downtown

  • 3.5 costs 1.400.000 along with 15,000 as the monthly installment & 175,000 as the down payment.
  • 4 Marla costs 1.600,000 along with 16,000 as the monthly installment & 200,000 for the down payment.
  • 5 Marla costs 2.000,000 along with 20,000 as the monthly installment & 250,000 for the down payment


Multiple Blue World City block options are here for investors to choose the most inexpensive dream property in the desired place. But, of course, it depends on the consumers’ comfort & financial capacity. As the payment mentioned above plan is all about securing the future in the most affordable, economical way; however, it is also highly advisable to do thorough research beforehand before putting your hard-earned money. In addition, the wisest decision comes down to being fully sure & aware in both researching & knowing which dream Blue World City block or property would be more suitable for you.