Understanding How an Appraisal Can Help With Car Accident Claims Oklahoma City

car accident claims Oklahoma City

Nothing prepared you for being involved in an auto accident today. While you did not cause the event, dealing with the aftermath will command a portion of your time. After talking with the insurance company, it’s a good idea to make plans to hire an appraiser as soon as possible. Here is how that decision will help make dealing with those car accident claims Oklahoma City a little easier.

Providing Objective Information

This is a situation in which a neutral party is a must. A professional appraiser will not be influenced by you or by the insurance provider. This is crucial, since objective information is key to resolving the claim as quickly as possible.

No matter the outcome of the appraisal, the professional will be paid the same. This ensures that there’s no chance for any of the appraisal findings to be altered in favor of one party or the other. What remains is a result that can be used to craft a resolution that’s hopefully agreeable to both parties.

And the Facts to Back Up the Appraisal Results

Appraisers don’t simply provide a final tally and consider the job done. They also include details that help to demonstrate what was found, the impact on the car’s value, and even estimates of repair costs when the goal is to repair the car. All this information will be key to deciding what should be done with the claim.

In some cases, the data may confirm that repairing the vehicle is feasible from a financial point of view. It may also point to the fact that the only logical solution is to total the vehicle and provide the owner with enough compensation to purchase something that’s similar in age, style, and features. With all the facts available, it’s much easier to determine which scenario is best.

Ensuring You and the Provider Have Access to the Data

The transparency continues when it comes to the distribution of the appraisal results. Both you and the provider have full access to the findings. This makes it all the easier for you to ensure that the details that accompany those car accident claims Oklahoma City are accurate and complete.

It also means that the provider has what is needed to properly evaluate those claims and render decisions. Today, this process is often managed electronically, so there are no worries about delays with mail or other solutions. Thanks to the speed with which the information is transmitted, you may have a response to those claims in less time.

Being Ready to Act as an Expert Witness

While most claims are settled to the benefit of both parties, there are times when additional action is needed. This is true when the owner and the provider cannot come to terms that both consider fair. When this happens, filing a suit may be necessary.

The appraiser who provided data for the claim can be called to offer testimony. By opting for an independent appraiser with the right credentials, it will be easier for your legal counsel to make a case. There’s also a good chance that a judge will lend credence to what the certified professional has to say.

Remember that the input from an appraiser can simplify what would otherwise be a more complex situation. Seek this type of help as soon as possible, and look closely at the details afterward. Doing so may help you move past this event and get things back to normal.