Walking Through China’s Footwear Industry – Finding the Best Manufacturers

China dominates the global footwear industry as the largest producer, focusing notably on sneakers, which is projected to generate over US$15 billion by 2023.

The sector, witnessing growth and evolution, reflects sneakers’ rising popularity as a fashion staple, particularly among the youth.

With a thriving sports shoe market driven by the expanding middle class and global sports fashion trends, China’s footwear industry is poised for continued growth, projected to reach US$19.66 billion by 2028.

Wenzhou stands out as a key production hub, manufacturing various footwear types, underscoring China’s pivotal role in shaping the global footwear landscape.

In this post, we will discuss how to find manufacturers of the best shoes in China. For small orders, consider sourcing from China’s shoes wholesale market.

For large volumes or custom/private label shoes, partnering with a Chinese shoe manufacturer is recommended.

1) Alibaba

Alibaba serves as a prominent online marketplace connecting users with top shoe manufacturers in China. It is favoured for sourcing existing products and even custom shoe designs.

Begin by searching for your desired shoe type or model on the site, then browse through the listed manufacturers and suppliers. Alibaba provides added confidence as they vet these entities firsthand.

However, exercising due diligence is crucial. Look for manufacturers with qualifications like being verified, Gold Supplier status, and offering Trade Assurance.

These indicate reliability and accountability in the manufacturing process. Apply filters to refine your search results, focusing on certifications such as SA8000 for ethical production standards.

It is vital to distinguish between manufacturers and trading companies. Trading companies act as intermediaries, potentially impacting price and quality.

By prioritizing direct manufacturers, you enhance your chances of securing competitive pricing and product quality.

While Alibaba streamlines the process of finding Chinese manufacturers, thorough research and verification remain essential to ensure a successful partnership.

2) Search Engines

Utilize leading search engines like Google and Bing to find top manufacturers in China by entering relevant search terms such as “shoe suppliers” and “tools & hardware” sparingly Explore different keywords like supplier, distributor, or wholesaler for comprehensive results. Verify company details and consider visiting factories to ensure credibility.

3) International Directories

Leading sourcing experts advocate for the continued relevance of directories as valuable research tools for buyers.

Several free online directories facilitate finding manufacturers in China, including:

– AliExpress

– Trade-whell

– Made-in-China

– Global Sources.

These platforms offer direct contact with manufacturers and provide access to a wide range of suppliers, making them essential resources for sourcing products effectively.

4) Referrals

In addition to research methods like online platforms, utilize referrals you’re your own professional networks in your country to find reputable Chinese shoe manufacturers. Seek recommendations from those who have succeeded in your product niche.

Social media groups on platforms like Facebook offer valuable connections where individuals share their experiences and recommendations for manufacturers.

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