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It is not new news of the damages that water can cause to your home. Most often, this situation cannot be avoided because let’s face it water is everywhere and it can get into your home’s through cracks, spilling from pipes into the basement or overflowing of clogged sewage pipes. It occurs when there is an unusually high amount of rain or when the snow cap melts, it begins to slip into the home through cracks on the walls and they can cause damages to your furniture and discoloration of the walls among others. While it is best to prevent this by hiring a restoration companies in Florida, it is also good that we know the different types of flooding that can occur in your homes. If you want to know the different types of flooding read on.

Different Types Of Flooding That Occurs In your Home

There are different types of flooding that can occur in the home. Each of them with the different types of damage extent they can cause and can also be solved by a water damage restoration company. To better understand ways to prevent them, it is best to know the types of flooding and the types of Damages which include:

1  Flash Flood

This scenario occurs so fast that you cannot fully prepare for this type of flooding. It mostly occurs a few hours after an intensive rainfall or a heavy rain that lasts for several hours to several days. When this type of flood happens,  it can damage cities, residential homes and landscapes because no one was actually expecting it so no one was fully prepared for the extent of damage and hurricane damage restoration companies are your one stop for effective damage prevention. Flash Floods occur mostly in the urban areas than the rural areas because there is a little amount of soil to soak up the water. It also causes thunderstorms and can damage trees and buildings. In very serious cases it might cause death of residentials in the community.

2. Sewage Flood

Flooding occurs when the water from your Sewage overflows and goes into different parts of your home. When your sewage overflows, it is because it’s been blocked or clogged up by dirt, materials or disposables. This can endanger the properties in your room or your basement. Other occurrences could be When water begins to slip through cracks or through the toilets or sinks in your room and when there is lack of maintenance for some of your properties or lack of maintenance in your room. It can also create more ways for flooding to occur. Emergency cleanup service can in one way or another mitigate the effect of the Flood.

3. Coastal Flooding

For someone who loves the beach and decides to build their house close to the ocean due to so many reasons; could be the natural environment, the Landscape around them. For residentials in this area, they usually experience coastal flooding. This is when water travels from the ocean through waves and tides to your home. Water traveling through waves could be due to the increase in temperature. Recently, the climatic temperature is changing and water from the ocean are becoming higher and this can move towards your home and get it flooded

4 Groundwater Flooding

Groundwater flooding happens very slowly. Therefore, this kind of flooding can give you a sign before it actually happens. Groundwater Flooding occurs when the ground or the soil begin to suck up so much water due too subsequent rain falls that must have occurred non stop for weeks or days. When this happens, the water of the soil begin to suck up water and the District begin to look flooded. This kind of water flooding can go to any part of the Street or any part of the town,  even towards your house. If you eventually ignore the warning signs, it might destroy some of your properties.


Flooding can occur at anytime and it can’t be avoided. Infections what can actually be avoided is damage to properties and this can happen when you are aware of the signs and elevate most of your properties before the water begins to enter into your home. These following are measures you can take including substituting carpet for tiles and installing sump pump in your basement to soak up the water