When Should you Visit a Dentist?

Glebe dentist

Dentists are not emergency doctors. Over 68% of Glebe residents need to remember the importance of regular dental checkups. Additionally, most only visit the dentist once they experience severe pain. However, dental health and care are crucial. Teeth are the most active body parts; they are integral to nutrition and speech. Worry not because this guide details when and how often you should visit a Glebe dentist.

Checkups should be once a year.

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to checkups is whether or not they should be done by a dentist who specialises in treating children.

While some dentists may be able to provide adequate care for young adults, a good portion of those who specialise in treating kids have been trained specifically for that purpose and will know how best to keep them safe and healthy during their visits.

Visit Often

Many people in Glebe are afraid to go to the dentist because they fear what might happen. However, this fear is often unfounded. If you notice anything unusual while at the dentist, or if your teeth start hurting more than usual after a visit, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with your hygienist and dentist so they can take a look at them (and make sure everything’s ok).

If you don’t end up needing any treatment from either of these professionals in Glebe within 6-8 weeks of visiting them for routine maintenance or checkups/cleanings (which is pretty common), then consider yourself lucky! You may have had some issues that never needed attention in the first place—but if you wait long enough before going back into their hands again, it could turn out worse than what originally caused all those problems in the first place!

Pain is unusual

If you have pain in your mouth and it’s not normal, it means something is wrong. It could be a problem with your teeth or jaw. Pain can also come from an infection or inflammation of the soft tissues inside the mouth, such as the gums and tongue.

If you feel discomfort when chewing on certain foods or drinking cold beverages (like ice cubes), this may indicate some form of decay in one of your teeth. It might not be evident on its own—you might think something is wrong because you’re experiencing pain while eating—but if other symptoms like tenderness around the crowns of teeth start happening too often over time, then getting them checked out by a dentist can help determine precisely what’s going on inside those molars!

The Right Dentist

If you are visiting your dentist for your dental needs for the long term in Glebe, you want to avoid returning for new treatments every time something goes wrong or becomes painful.

If you have a friend or family member who has had bad experiences with their dentist, ask them if they would recommend someone.

Early Treatment

If any problems need treatment, it’s best to fix them early rather than let them worsen and cause problems later on that could cost a lot more money.

If you have an issue with your mouth or teeth and can’t see a dentist in your area, call the dental association or visit their website for advice about finding an alternative.


Before you see a Glebe dentist, there are some things you should consider.

  • Location:Do they have easy access to parking? Are there any nearby shops or restaurants? What type of climate do they work in? Does it make sense for your needs as a patient?
  • Cost:If a visit costs more than $100, then ask yourself if it’s worth paying that much money for quality care from professionals who specialise in dentistry.