Why Would Agreed Value Car Insurance Be a Good Choice For You?

agreed value car insurance

There are more options for auto insurance than you may realize. For example, have you ever talked with an agent about the idea of securing an agreed value car insurance policy. There are compelling reasons why this may be the ideal protection for you. Here are some thoughts to consider.

No Concerns About Actual Cash Value During the Current Term

One of the benefits of this type of insurance is that you have the chance to lock in the value at the beginning of the term. This effectively insulates you from any shifts in cash value that may occur while the term is in effect. Should a covered event take place, there will be no question about what sort of benefits will come your way.

This is a little different from coverage that you’ve had in the past. Current value tended to apply, and not always in your favor. Opting for agreed value coverage means you take the guesswork out of the equation, and know up front what sort of support to expect from the provider.

Protecting Vehicles That are Considered Classics or Antiques

While just about anyone can apply for this type of coverage, it tends to be especially popular with people who own classic or antique vehicles. The reason for this is simple. Vehicles of these types are more likely to hold and possibly appreciate in value.

What this means it that you have the chance to secure coverage that takes into account any projections of appreciation for the upcoming term. While you hope that the coverage is never needed, it’s comforting to know that you would receive enough to begin the search for another classic of similar worth.

Control Over How Much Coverage You Carry

While the focus is often on making sure there’s adequate coverage to replace the car if it’s totaled, consumers may choose to utilize agreed value car insurance in another way. It does make it possible to insure the vehicle for less than it’s current worth. This may be done as a way to control costs, or there may be some other strategy that the owner is pursuing.

With agreed value coverage, all that’s really needed is for you and the provider to settle on what that covered value will be. If you do want to insure it for less than the car is worth, most providers are happy to do so.

The Ability to Assess the Coverage With Each New Term

With some forms of auto insurance, the benefits and the cost roll over from one period to the next without much of a change. That can be convenient, but it’s not always in your best interests. With agreed value coverage, there is the chance to evaluate the current arrangement and make changes for the next term.

You and the insurance provide have the option of initiating this conversation. For example, you may decide that carrying less insurance is no longer what you want to do. If so, the agent can work with you to see if increasing the coverage with a new agreed amount is possible.

Before deciding this would not be for you, sit down with a professional and learn more about how agreed value coverage works. Ask all the questions that come to mind, and listen closely to the answers. You may decide this is what you’ve needed all along.