SAMS Odisha and Bhulekh Odisha

Digital change has recently propelled numerous international government efforts. Eastern Indian state of Odisha has been in the forefront of this movement, using technology to boost efficiency and streamline procedures across a variety of industries. The Student Academic Management System (SAMS Odisha) and Bhulekh Odisha are two noteworthy instances of digital projects in Odisha. Millions of people have benefited from these platforms, which have transformed the state’s land records and educational system. The main aspects and effects of SAMS Odisha and Bhulekh Odisha are examined in this article in order to highlight their relevance and the beneficial improvements they have brought about.

Odisha SAMS: Changing Education

The Higher Education Department of the Government of Odisha created the cutting-edge web-based platform known as SAMS Odisha, or Student Academic Management System Odisha. SAMS Odisha was established in 2009 with the goal of streamlining the admissions procedure for the state’s higher education institutions. For online applications, merit-based selection, and student enrollment in colleges and universities, the platform offers a centralised, open, and effective method.

Students can simply apply to numerous colleges and courses using SAMS Odisha by filling out just one online form. They can choose their favourite colleges and courses through the system, which streamlines the application process. The platform assures fair and transparent seat allocation and generates merit lists based on predetermined criteria, so there is no need for applicants to physically visit several colleges to apply for admission.

Principal Elements of SAMS Odisha

SAMS Odisha provides a centralised application mechanism, removing the need for students to submit separate applications to various universities. This results in a smooth application experience and saves time and effort.

Merit-Based Selection: The platform creates merit lists based on predetermined selection criteria, such as the marks attained in prior exams. As a result, all candidates will have equal access to the selection process, which is fair and transparent.

Online fee payment and document verification are both available through SAMS Odisha, which eases the strain of manual transactions. Additionally, it makes it easier to verify documents online, doing away with the requirement for in-person document submission.

Real-Time Updates and Notifications: Through the platform, students are informed in real-time about the status of their applications, merit lists, and admission-related information. They are able to stay updated as the admissions process progresses because of this.

SAMS’s effects in Odisha

The admissions procedure for higher education in Odisha has undergone a substantial change thanks to SAMS Odisha. Numerous advantages of the platform include:

Enhanced Accessibility: SAMS Odisha has improved access to higher education for students throughout the state, especially those from rural areas. It has streamlined the application procedure for all applicants by doing away with the necessity for in-person meetings and cutting back on paperwork.

Efficiency and openness: The platform has improved the admissions process’ efficiency and openness. Automation lowers manual errors and administrative hassles while ensuring fair practises through real-time updates and selection based on merit.

Savings in Time and Money: SAMS Odisha saves students and colleges significant amounts of time and money by doing away with the need for numerous manual procedures including form submission and document verification. The ability to pay online significantly lowers transaction expenses.

Revolutionising Land Records: Bhulekh Odisha

The Revenue and Disaster Management Department of the Government of Odisha established the digital land records management system known as Bhulekh Odisha. Bhulekh Odisha was established in 2010 with the goal of digitising land records to ensure transparency, accuracy, and accessibility for citizens. Online access to land-related data, such as information on land ownership, survey histories, and mutation details, is made possible through the platform.

Characteristics of Bhulekh Odisha

Online Land Records: Bhulekh Odisha provides access to online land records for its inhabitants. They can see information online, such as the landowner’s name, survey numbers, and area measures, without physically visiting government facilities.

Users of the portal can submit online applications for land mutation and conversion. The procedure is streamlined, and administrative procedures take less time and effort as a result.

Encumbrance Certificate: Through Bhulekh Odisha, citizens can obtain encumbrance certifications online. These certificates aid in property-related transactions and provide proof of ownership.

Village Maps and Survey Data: Through the platform, citizens can obtain extensive information regarding land boundaries and demarcations. Village Maps and Survey Data are provided as digitised village maps.

Bhulekh Odisha’s effects

Bhulekh Odisha has transformed the way land records are managed and had a big influence on the people of Odisha, including:

Transparency and Decreased Corruption: By digitising land records, Bhulekh Odisha has improved property-related transaction transparency while deterring fraud and corruption. Online verification of information such as land ownership by the public reduces disputes.

Savings in Time and Money: By removing the need for repeated trips to government agencies, the platform helps citizens save time and money. Information about land is readily available, allowing for quicker decision-making and fewer administrative difficulties.

improved Governance: By offering a centralised and reliable database of land records, Bhulekh Odisha has made it possible for improved governance. This aids in the development of sensible policies for land management and planning by government organisations.